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they are disappointed in the obama president so. chris walla ce joins us now. is this the second term blues or obama care related? >> the answer is yes to both. obviously obama care is the main focus and you can see how unhappy people are for obama care. it is a tough year on a variety of issues that he failed to get his way with. and people are not happy with. it it is something troubling for republicans in this poll. while 41 percent approve of the president lowest number right after the roll out of obama care, when it comes to the generic poll, republicans lead but by only three points and that lends credibility to the argument that just opposing obama care is not enough. they need a firm agenda to say to middle-class and working class people, we have a program that, if you let us keep the house and take control of the senate, we'll push to put americans back to work. >> you are right about the same for republicans and some glimmer of hope for them in what the poll found in independence. 40 percent of independents say they are very disappointed compared to 27 percent of those who said that in aug
will know within hours. just what the russian intent is. president obama and european union are now threatening to level economic sanctions against russia. if russia refuses to stan its forces down. president obama is looking to isolate russia. that will be tough to achieve geffen that european union's rely an on russia for much of its energy, more than 30% of the e.u.'s oil and gas, and under 30% of their coal is imported from russia. >> overtime, this will be a costly proposition for russia. now is the time for them to consider whether they can serve their efforts in a way that resorts to diplomacy. as opposed to force. lou: president meeting with his national security council on ukraine. question, is how muchhat only of the ukraine will putin take for now. joining us, fox news straggic analyst, lieutenant world knoll -- world knoll ralph meters, are they beyond in your equipment crimea. >> let me put nonsense about negotiation, and sanctions and how obama is going to punish putin in perspective, putin now owns ukraine, he will never give it back, he now owns it in a matter of tim
president barack obama considered scrapping the entire obama care website just a few weeks after it was launched. we'll have bril on the show later on. all those stories and much more coming up on the kudlow report beginning right now. >>> good evening everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is the kudlow report. we're live here 4:00 pacific. the stocks closed at an all thyme low today. good evening robert. >> hi larry. we finally made it. closing highs across the board for the s&p 500, russell 2000 and mid cap. stocks slowly climbed higher as janet yellen in the senate. they're monitoring closely in case there's a fundamental problem. those were soothing words in the congress. she's got the wise grandma college professor way. the question was differential. jcpenney was up big time, loss not as bad as expected. the company said store sales would increase 3 to 4%. chicko closed the bottom. >>> back to ukraine. russia is getting more addre aggressi aggressive. good evening jim. >> the main flash point strategic because of the black sea base there. after scuffles with proe and antirussian
the record" right now. >>> this is a fox news alert. president obama says no. he will not go to the g-8 summit in sochi. senior administration officials announcing the president will not go to sochi unless president putin reverses course on the ryu rainy. also just breaking president obama reportedly offering president putin a way out of crisis. and minutes ago president obama getting off the phone with german chancellor angela merkel. the two speaking an hour about the developing crisis. this dramatic video does tell it all russian and union crew rainyian troops firing each other. both the violence and political tension escalating by the minute. for the very latest we go to live in ukraine. what's going on? well i'm here in kiev. what is happening seems to be crew rainyian side has attempted all attempts by putin tries to provoke choosing a fire fight which would ahim to justify his invasion of crimea and to try to justify an invasion of other parts of the ukraine. >> do you have the sense that this is getting worse? because we are looking at this video and we see, you know, this is ob
. president barack obama is a failed leader. don't worry-- this isn't a rerun or a future episode. it's tonight. last week obama announced the planned withdrawal of american forces from afghanistan by 2015. with a stroke of his pen, there goes america's strategic reserve of rubble. now i feel like i've wasted 12 years memorizing all those tricky muslim names-- karzai. haqqani. beyonce. i mean, i was almost ready for that jelly. there is a new foreign policy crise for obama to shrank. >> ukraine unraveling. >> ukraine officials say they're on the brink of war with russia. thousand of russian troops have ousted ukrainian forces and taken complete control of key strategic crimean peninsula. crimean crisis has deepened overnight. >> stephen: yes, a crisis in crimea. now, like americans, until recently, i thought crimea was a delightful tyler perry character. turns out it's the most important place you don't know jack about. well, trap in. stephen colbert's about to jack in part one of my infinite-part series "better know a geopolitical flash point." "better know a geopolitical flashpoint
not backing down. >> russia's intervention confronting president obama's foreign policy agenda. president obama did speak with vladimir putin for 90 minutes reiterating that continued involvement was a clear violation of ukrainian sovereignty. that it would harm russia's international standings. live in washington with the latest despite the warning. we see them ramping up. good morning. >> that's right. despite yesterday's warning, a convoy of at least 13 vehicles with the license plates carrying 30 armed men each has surrounded a military base in ukraine and the forces are not letting any of the troops enter or leave that base. the u.s. ambassador to the un called for the russian intervention to stop. she said it violates international law. just this morning secretary of state john kerry warned that russia is going isolate itself from the rest of the world if they continue with this aggressive posture. >> russia is going to lose. the russian people is going to lose. he's going to lose all the glow that came out of the olympics. the $60 billion extravaganza. he's not going have a sochi g
obama's response to the crisis in ukraine. guys? >> wolf, vladimir putin's giving republicans a new excuse to play their favorite game, criticize the president. >> sally, i admire your attempt to switch the blame, but president obama's weak foreign policy is the real problem. the debate starts right now. >>> tonight on "crossfire" -- a stern warning to vladimir putin. >> russia's on the wrong side of history on this. >> but republicans say president obama is mishandling russia. >> this is the ultimate result of a feckless foreign policy where nobody believes in america's strength any more. >> on the left, sally kohn, on the right, newt gingrich. in the "crossfire" -- lawrence korb who supports the president and danielle pletka, one of the president's harshest critics. is vladimir putin pushing around the u.s. because the president is weak? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire's" breaking news coverage of the crisis in the ukraine. i'm sally kohn on the left. >> i'm newt gingrich on the right. in the "crossfire" tonight, two guests who disagree on president obama's handl
putin for invading ukraine. what should president obama do if europe once again acts in cowardly way. charles krauthammer on that. >> it'sing if to be run by bureaucrats and run by politicians who have no idea what is in your best interest then i'm getting out. >> how many doctors are going to opt out of obamacare. we have the number and it is shocking. extensive report tonight let's do this. >> holy. >> is it legal on a texas court ruling allowing teachers to interact sexually with students? >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. dealing with the villain putin, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. so far it's been all talk, no action. politicians in the u.s.a. and western europe all condemning russia's invasion of ukraine but doing little else. the russian dictator himself smirking at the world and testing the will of the western powers. putin clearly believing that europe will back down, isolating president obama and the u.s.a. and he could be right. the briti
over the weekend. president obama putin is coping a low profile during the tense period. but he was watching war games today and had nothing to do with ukraine. something that is getting less credence. there may be a price for this for putin. protestors took to the streets in st. petersburg and there were arrests. so much of this, bill, that say is about posturing, president obama wants to show he controls not only russia but the area around russia, but it is an delicate ambulance. in the meantime the u.s. and ukraine feels there are not a lot of options. the eu is talking about taking targeting measures to punish rush why. >> night fall in ukraine as we watch the show down. there are questions of whether u.s. foreign policy contributed to this situation. john bolton former u.s. embassy about the message we are sending to our allies and enemies. he's coming up in a moment. >>> this is why crima is ground 0. the ties to russia stretch back centuries. kathryn the greatanexed crima and set up a naval base. 1954 the soviet premier made it part of the soviet union. ukraenian gave the
. brit hume on the politics and policy involving vladimir putin and president obama, but we begin with amy kellogg in the ground in kiev. hi, amy. >> hi, bret. people in this city less than two weeks literally gave their lives for the future of ukraine. a future free of the russian orbit, a future with a tilt towards the west, but day by day now they're seeing their gains clawed back by russia. not necessarily, bret, here in the capital, but definitely in crimea, over which russia has complete operational control. even so, russia is not stopping. grabbing the border posts at a ferry crossing between russia and ukraine. it then used it to bring several truckloads of soldiers into crimea. this begs the question, what next? russian soldiers still not wearing the markings of their own army but rather in generic army greens, all be it, driving vehicles with russian plates have not revealed the end game as they surround ukrainian soldiers in their barracks. all of this is bleeding beyond crimea into ukraine's port city of odessa today. thousands of pro-russian protesters rallied and tri
. growing. grips on ukraine is growing and today president obama warning the u.s. is considering economic and diplomatic options to isolate russia. very latest "time" magazine reporter live in crimea. he reports we are at a decisive moment. simon, tell me what's going on now. >> well, now the situation is quite tense. everybody is waiting for this ultimatum to run out in a few hours. and then, you know, it is possible that russia will begin a full on assault on these places that have been surrounded by russian troops for a tuesdays. >> the russians have claimed that they didn't issue an ultimatum. do you have any information to support that denial or can you disprove that? >> no, we can't disprove that. and there had been previous ultimatums and nothing happened. so the russian defense ministry said it didn't issue such an ultimatum, but the ukrainian defense forces said that they definitely received it. and journalists did report witnessing that ultimatum being handed to them. so, it's not quite clear who exactly is threatening whom, but the situation, you know, remains such that everyon
call the obama effect, how this country's policies have brought the country to a tipping point. now, we begin with professor jonathan turley who said it best on his comments. >> the president has exceeded his authority in a way that is creating a destabilizing influence. the rate at which the executive power is being concentrated in our system is accelerating. and frankly i am very alarmed by the implications of that aggregation of power. i believe we're at a constitutional tipping point in our system. it is a dangerous point for our system to be in. and i believe your response has to begin before this president leaves office. no one in our system goes it alone. >> all right, there you have it. so how exactly has president obama overstepped his authority and created his constitutional crisis? here is how. take a look. >> protecting our first amendment rights are vital to who we are. >> attorney general eric holder defended the obama administration on the contraception mandate. >> if they refuse the mandate, refuse to violate their religious beliefs and refuse to pay the fine, who conseq
really happened during obama's 90 minute phone call with the russian president last weekend. >> i asked john kerry how the conversation was. >> he said it was ominous, there were no promises made. russia alerted u.s. officials several days before the crisis began. >> thank you. joining me live, former defense secretary don rumsfeld is with us. mr. secretary, thank you for joining us. do you think john mccain is right that in fact the president doesn't understand putin's ambition? >> well, sean, most of the discussion that's taking place is what's putin doing today, what should we do today. all this chatter about the world and the united nations. the cold hard facts are, it was syria, iran. it could be more activity in the prs and the south china sea. what's really happening is, the central problem is american weakness. we're managing our economy like juveniles and telling the world that in the next decade or two, we're not going to be there. we're cutting back our defense fund funds. when eisenhower and kennedy were in office, we spent 10% gdp on foreign defense. we're sending a signal
obama accuse putin of breaking international law. >> those are russian troops firing warning shots to the ukraine soldiers. >> harsh words and high tensions and two weeks after the blood bath in the square before me and secretary of state john kerry in kiev reported that he was terribly moved. there are caskets carried around the square to heroes never die and people saying prayers for the victims, all of this as people talk about the absurdity of russian and ukranian brothers on the verge of going to war. this call, ukranians want the base back from the russians and the russians said they would shot and warning shots were fired. and tense moments in crimea and putin said force would be against only terrorist. he blames the west for causing anarchy and all of the troops are not his but local defense forces and that caught secretary of state kerry by surprise. >> denied they are russian troops. and blamed the crisis on the united states. >> he denied there were troops in crimea? >> yes, he did. >> he blamed this on the president the united states. >> kerry paying tribute to the the
@sitroom. >>> let any step in with van jones and s.e. cupp. >>> president obama's work is paying off he says have laid mer putin has hit the pause button. >> which means as much as when russia hit the reset button. the debate starts right now. >>> tonight on "crossfire", until pressure from president obama, is vladimir putin backing down? >> there have been some reports that president putin is pausing for a moment. >> is he proving his republican critics wrong? on the left, van jones. on the right s.e. cupp. in the crossfire, howard dean, former presidential candidate, and paul wolfowitz, a former deputy defense secretary. is the obama doctrine working? are some republicans undermining the president abroad? tonight on "crossfire." >>> welcome to "crossfire." we're continuing cnn's breaking news coverage of the crisis in ukraine. i'm s.e. cupp on the right. >> we have a former presidential candidate and former pentagon official. today we saw big hits that the tough diplomacy with russia might work. kerry delivered a billion dollar package to kiev. behind the scenes, the obama administrat
. >> you are on record that obama administration reset but the russia is a failure. >> the russians here are invading ukraine and providing arms to assad regime to murder their own people. and we have seen potential violations that they are ins tr they stopped adoption and harming children so that americans could bring russians that don't have homes into american homes. they stopped that and putting children on the line. there are multiple examples of things and don't forget harboring snowden and it is a failure and miscalculation of putin. and it is time to assess the reset policy. >> the white house and administration is arguing that vladimar putin overstepped his bounds and acted precipitously and there are suggestions that he's pulling back. he got clobbered in the stock and financial markets and was a bit more concilulatory when she sat down with reporters, might there be something to that? >> i don't think we should fall for. that we should any forward with economic sanctions and asset freezes. he would like us to think that he is pulling back. pulling back would be respecting ukra
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. russia is going to lose. >> but is that true? will president obama be able to defeat putin on the diplomatic battlefield? tonight, we'll have extensive analysis. >> many russians and putin on their behalf resent american assertions of exceptionism. they point to our own flawed history. >> now nbc's olympic coverage seems even more dubious. bob costas will be here. >> invading countries is something united states knows about from really raw experience. >> trotting out the moral equivalency. how can the u.s.a. central putin considering our own history? bernie goldberg on that. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how to handle putin. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. taking a page out of the hitler playbook. russian has invaded ukraine saying that russian nationals are in danger in that country. you may remember back in 1938 the nazi leader did the exact same thing in check evacuation i can't, sending in forces to, quote, protect germans who th
in ukraine. >> i'm bret baier in washington. this is a fox news alert. president obama addressing the nation less than an hour ago about reports the russian military had entered ukraine. we have fox team coverage tonight on the extremely fluid situation in ukraine, changing by the hour. wendell goler covers the president's brief address, but first, senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg keeping a close eye from london on this developing story. good evening, amy. >> hi, bret. the warm glow of the olympic closing ceremony has dispalted in less than a wee ukraine's crimea has probably something to do with local militia groups, protection groups, bret, but certainly, there is a russian military presence down there, and the question and the concern is where is it all leading? another jarring wake-up call in ukraine. armed men take over the civilian airport in the semiautonomous region of crimea, and where russia bases its black sea fleet. russia says its personnel there are doing business as usual, protecting their black sea fleet. ukraine's interim government jumped to declare this a v
so far. >>> on defense over his handling of the crisis in ukraine, president obama interrupted an event at a local school in washington to answer a question that enabled him to hit back at russian president putin who had an earlier press conference had expressed defy nls. >> there's a strong believe that russia's actions are violating international law. president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations, but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> republican john mccain quickly fired back, it's the president who is being fooled because he's never understood putin's true ambitions. >> after five years of believing that somehow vladimir putin was anything but what he is, we are now paying the piper. >> the tension in the ukraine was on full display in crimea today at an air base where russian troops threatened they would shoot if the ukrainians continued to march toward them. it was defused after the russians fired some warning shots into the air. back in washington, the political tension heated up. >> i listened to some of my good
you for being was this morning. >> president obama says he's deeply concerned by the situation. on friday he warned there would be costs for military intervention. the u.s. officials say washington is consulting with its allies. those are the headlines. "consider this" is coming up next. in the meantime follow us online at aljazeera.com or on twitter. don't go anywhere, see you again at 11:00am eastern. blow? >> does it always deserve to be bad mouthed. lawless borders? patrols may not be going by the book. the oscars are here and why haven't the viewers seen the nominees? welcome to "consider this." here's more on what's ahead. >> chaos in ukraine, russia is accused of sending forces into the area. >> we are deeply concerned about the movements of the russian federation. >> a group smuggles a camera and should the courts allow cameras in the courts all of the time? >> the red carpet is out and the count down is on. >> i can't recall a closer best picture race in decades. >> and the os core goes to... >> we begin with the cry i didn't say and reports of russian intervention in
, president obama in washington called it what might be procured to impress her. he didn't wait for them to conclude the live remarks from the ukraine before going live himself. the president's remarks more constrained than those of the top diplomats in his syntax is slightly better. >> we have all seen from the perspective of the european union and the united states, allies like canada and japan, allies and friends and partners around the world that there is a long believe that russia's actions are violating international law and i don't think that's fooling anyone. lou: the obama rhetorical exchanges since stock prices have a been deeply lowered around the globe. it was only yesterday, sanctions went against russia. including the crimean incursion over the president's tough talk. >> what we are also indicating is that they are continuing on the current trajectory, we are examining a series of things. it will isolate this russia. and it will have a negative impact on russia's economy as well. lou: the dow jones industrial yesterday fell 153-point. vladimir putin holding a press conferen
that really come out of the political world. in 2008 with the rise of barack obama you see fox pursue the story lines through the first term of his presidency. obama's czars this idea that the administration was appointing policy advisers that had extra constitutional authority. you saw the health care debate was a huge story. i write in the book how roger ailes gave a prop to a health care pundit you could go on camera and make the point that this bill was too unwieldy. he literally gave an on air talking head a stack of papers that was this tall to make up point. you see that scripting, that sense of narrative that comes out of the political world that you see in the programming. >> host: you no fox usually is criticized we have democrats on with dennis kucinich. what is your response to back? how is this so unilateral if they have people on? >> guest: it's a great point in the critique that has been leveled against fox that it's a republican network doesn't mean they can't have liberal voices on walks. there are separate issues in a safe testament to ailes and his talent that he cu
alert after russian troops move in to crimea. 90-minute phone call president obama speaks to russia's president telling him to back off ukraine. and now nato will have their emergency meet diogu crane set for monday in brussels. ♪ ♪ >>> hello and bell to him al jazerra america i am morgan radford live in new york city. an appeal from president obama to russia pred hav vladimir put, his plea has fallen on deaf ears, putin said it's merely to secure safety. setting the stage for potential conflicts. since russia has veto power any security action appears unlikely. the u.s. is calling on u.n. to send observers to ukraine while nato is set to hold an emergency meeting in brussels on monday. president obama called putin and spoke for 90 minutes about a political solution, but so far russia is not budging. jennifer glasse is in the crimean capital where the russian forces are. >> reporter: the crimean president asked for help and he's getting it. here it crimea, at least, it's welcome news to many. jubilation in the crimean capital the russians are coming. as moscow endorsed the use o
minister spoke yesterday and with president obama, they addressed the press before they went behind closed doors for basically a three-hour meeting, quite a long amount of time for these two leaders to spend face to face. prime minister netanyahu said ignoring that it was yanokovych, who, when his country was in need, when the city was in place, where the action was, when the leaders of the nation were gathered in order to decide the future, he broke his obligation to sign that agreement, and he ned into the night with his possessions, destroying papers behind him. he abandoned his people, and eventually his country. the russian government would have you believe that the ukraine government somehow is ill legitimate or led by extremists, that the representatives of the ukraine, the elected representatives of the people of ukraine, they overwhelmingly approve the new government, even with members of yanokovych's party deserting him and voting overwhelmingly for this new party. it was his own party that the future of ukraine changed. and today, the rada is the most represented institution of
gates, former secretary of defense for both president bush and president obama. >> putin is i think a very rational person in the framework of what he's trying to achieve. but there is no doubt david brooks has it right, there is this incredibly strong thread through much of russian history of russia having a special mission in the world, of russia being the third rome, if you will. it goes back centuries. so there is this -- you know, we talk about american exceptionalism. the russians have their own version of it in this regard. >> charlie: and then from kiev by skype, the former president of georgia, mikheil saakashvili. >> this is something that is bigger and the longer it lasts the bigger it will get. so there's a desperate need for leadership now on the parts of the united states administration and european leaders indeed because this is not just business as usual. on the other hand, i'm also, in a way have this hope that this will be one of the last adventures of vladimir putin. >> charlie: and we conclude this evening with a conversation with jeffrey goldberg of bloomberg vi
to russia about keeping ukraine whole. and in congress republicans say they will work with president obama to face down vladimir putin. steve handelsman is on capitol hill with more on all this. steve? >> doreen, thanks. some are charging this crisis might never have happened if president obama in the pat had been tougher on russian president vladimir putin. they say they're eager now to help him get tougher. as the crisis in the crukraine, they're getting ared to convene. >> it's more than a cause for concern. it's a cause for action. >> reporter: and tenses rose in eastern ukraine. in crimea where the russian navy, air force, and army have control, russian advocates strapped in a cafe, a dutch united nations man finally three. aboorted his mission and checked vladimir putin's rationale for sending russians here. that they're in danger. in paris russian foreign minister met with secretary of state kerry but he refused to meet with ukrainians. >> we renew our call for russians to speak for the government of ukraine to send troops back to their bases. >> reporter: back in washington john mc
-days and obama care was not ready for launch and the white house knew it. welcome to hq, i am bill hemmer. >> nice to see you and reunited. widespread problems showed more problems than the administration let on. did the white house put people's personal information at risk? byron is a fox news contributor. we knew the federal roll out had problems and now we know just how bad the state roll outs were as well. >> department of health and human services anyhow about it and the white house knew about it. the failure as spectacular as the obama care roll out does not happen overnight. we are getting new e-mails and evidence leading up to the october 1st roll out that showed officials knew there were roll outs. and the latest on the state exchange the health and human services anyhow there were serious security risk in 35 exchanges and they were passing urgent memos and october 1st roll out date was approaching and higher ups said let's g. sorry about the security we'll go ahead. >> why did they do that? knowing the states were high risk why would they press ahead? >> think back to october 1s
system goes it alone. >> there you have it. so how exactly is president obama overstepped his authority and created this constitutional crisis? here's how. take a look. >> protecting our first amendment rights are vital to who we are. >> attorney general eric holder defended the obama administration's contraceptive mandate. >> if they refuse the mandate, refuse to violate their first amendment, refuse to violate their religious beliefs and refuse to pay the fines, what consequences will bishop campbell first? >> allies in congress said today they want answers and action. >> someone needs to be held responsible. someone needs to be imprisoned, someone needs to be prosecuted. >> the white house is also on defense over holder's claim to congress that he had never been involved in any possible prosecution of a reporter. the attorney general himself signed off on labeling fox's james rosen a possible criminal co-defendant. >> that is a chilling action against the news media. >> the federal government wants to know how and why the news media selecting which stories they cover. >> who wants th
. [ music playing ] >> they are redrawn by force the pressure is mounting on president obama. >> that there will be costs, mainly military intervention in ukraine. >> i have heard mediation. i think everybody is shocked by the weakness of obama's statement. >> our leadership is perceived as weak. >> america's weakness is becoming pervasive. >> american weakness and withdrawal. >> weak. so mad at him, weak. >> we want a president that will look at diplomacy. >> we want a peaceful resolution. >> not get us into or write a check that our you know what doesn't want. >> the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. well, we're back at it. it's war talk again. now we will see the republican party get all invigorated about the upcoming election because president obama's weak. republicans never miss an opportunity. every time there is a major foreign policy issue that involves possible situation where force might be used, quickly, republicanings line them up. they trash the president. after
't expect to hear from president until 5:00 p.m. don't hold your breath for any sign of mr. obama at this moment. president obama did issue a warning last night. president obama spoke from the white house. >> obama: the white house will stand with the international community in affirming it there will be costs for any military intervention with ukraine. >> what is interesting about that quote is he talks about the international community. the white house is trying to align itself with the european union and the greater international effort to position russia against the rest of us, essentially. the white house is left with few options. and president obama has to think about what his next move is in terms of escalating or de-escalating tension at the moment. we're watching the white house do back channel conversations. president obama himself said yesterday there are daily conversations happening between the kremlin and the white house, also the state department. so a lot happening behind the scenes, but quiet from the white house for now. >> we're waiting to hear hopef hopefully f
.i.a. and national security were seen leaving the white house this afternoon. last night president obama did issue a warning to russia. >> obama: the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> note that use of the word international community. we are seeing more responses come from that international body. we saw the e.u. come out today and say ukraine's sovereignty should be respected, also the head of n.a.t.o. the white house looking to garner support, and really isolate russia, make it the unified world body, the collective against russia. but the white house has to be very careful about what happens next. because we're essentially in a tit for tat. as the white house calculates its next move it needs to think about how it will proceed and how president putin will react. we are seeing other reactions hire in washington including from republican center john mccain, he put out a statement today expressing deep concern for russia's military intervention or potential for that military intervention. he's cal
are concerned about this development. u.s. president barack obama sent a clear warning. any violation of ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity will be deeply destabilizing. the united states will stand with the international immunity in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in the ukraine. >> obama is considering a boycott of the g8 summit in sochi. it is unlikely that such gestures will discourage the russian government from its course in the crimean government. all signs point to confrontation. the ukrainian government has placed the troops on high alert. it emphasizes that it will not bow to provocation from russia. >> we are going to go live now to our correspondent in moscow. putin says he still making up his mind. they have approved the troops. this is more than a show of strength. >> it does seem like more than that, actually. experts have been telling us that it is not like that. he is just around the corner. he wants to take time and put pressure on the ukraine to see how they react to this. his spokesperson came out one hour ago and said he is now c
on your next bill. it may make y lose your appeti appetite. the mainstream media kiing up to the obama administration while they are sucking up on yackinup the world. kissing up to no one starts now. hi, everyone. welcome to "cashin' in." welcome, everybody. remember the surfer dude dining on lobster and sushi with your money from food stamps? now he saying don't blame him. blame uncle sam. take a listen to his reply when asked if he is take advantage of the system. >> apologize for the way it is set up? i don't feel like i needo apologize for it. it is just the way -- seems like i'm getting like -- the ruler on the -- ruler on the hand. >> maybe he needs the rule other the hand. michelle, is he right? is the system set up for this kind of waste, fraud and abuse >> yes. you know what he is doing to xpayers is wrong. we shouldn't be i will have 235 -- vilifyg him. he thinks what he is doing is right. the government made living off welfare a lifestyle. surfer dude is nancy pelosi's ideal model citizen. he doesn't have to suffer from job loss. he gets to chill on the beach, trying to beco
in ukraine. a senior obama administration official tells nbc news that president obama has been meeting with his national security council discussing potential options with ukraine. tensions remain extremely high as russia steps up its occupation of crimea, a semi autonomous region located on the black sea in the southern section of the country. russian president vladimir putin shows no sign of backing down, despite mounting pressure from the u.s., nato and the eu. this standoff has escalated incredibly quickly with a steady string of major developments since pro-kremlin forces moved into ukraine last week. >> the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs in any military intervention in ukraine. >> when armed and masked gunmen appeared at the two main airports in crimea friday, the world wondered whether russia had really decided to begin an invasion of ukraine. by saturday morning, that question had largely been answered. >> this morning the occupation moved from airports and military installations into the center of the crimean capital
jeanine. >> we will be joined by a lively studio audience. they will be analyzing the obama effect. in other words, how the president's policies brought this country to a tipping point. we begin with liberal constitutional professor jonathan turely who said it best on capitol hill on wednesday. >> the president has in fact exceeded his authority in a way that is creating a de stabilizing influence. the rate at which executive power is being concentrated in our system is accelerating. frankly, i am very alarmed by the implication of that aggregation of power. i believe we are now in a constitutional tipping point in our system. it is a dangerous point for our system to be in. i believe that your response has to begin before this president leaves office. no one in our system goes it alone. >> how has president obama over stepped authority and created in constitutional crisis? >> protecting amendment rights are vital to who we are. >> eric holder defended the controversial contraception mandate. >> if they refuse to violate their first amendment, refuse to violate their religious beli
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